Coding Game

Learn to code by playing games

Bo Feng

Problem to Solve:

  1. Steep learning curve for beginners, and tradiational way is not engaging.
  2. Week connections between industry and students.

Problem 1. Learning is not engaging

Solution: Learning by playing games

For example : Consider the classic game --- Plants VS Zombies, we think a new way could be, instead of using built-in weapons, players (students) need to learn how to program to make their own weapons, in order to prevent attacks from enemies.

Problem 2. Industry know little about students, and vice versa.

Solution: Commercial Game Quest & Job Board

  1. Industry put commercials in game quest, through finish the quest players will get familiar with their products. For example, a commercial game quest could be designed as : visiting a product's website, or download their mobile app, players will win some virtual coins as rewards.
  2. Industry post job information in our job board, they could get a discount for the commerial game quest.
  3. To hire right employees, industry could visit players' coding work which they made during playing game, if companies finally hire our players, we could show their commercials for free for a limited time.

A win-win-win case

  1. For player : players learned new skills by playing game. Commercial game quest and job board help them to connect with industry, and help them to get a job.
  2. For industry : companies put commercial game quests in game to show their products, via job board and view players code to hire people with skills they are looking for.
  3. For us : users learn skills while having fun, and by helping them to get a job, we attract more customers (players and industry companies).

Revenue Stream

  1. On the player side : Buy game virtual goods, to enhance game playing experience. (Classic Way)
  2. On the industry side : Buy commercial game quests. (Novel Way)

Cost Estimate

Coding Game Road Map

Road Map

Our progress

  1. A launch page :
  2. A coding game demo : PythonSpace
  3. A forum for players to discuss game playing


PythonSpace : A game for learning coding in Python

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